“Talented beauty professions know just what to do to bring out the sparkle in the stars of the big day”.  Chicago is fast becoming recognized for its world-class salon and spas – rejuvenating retreats that assist in putting the bloom on brides-to-be.  Polish and perfection are the point, and the well-trained staffs know how to achieve those special wedding day goals.  Here’s a list of selected professionals who will help the leading lady and her entourage attain their personal bests in beauty.

The Works…Asha in Schaumburg is the largest and most comprehensive Aveda salon and spa in the Chicago Area.  This serene destination offers a selection of bridal packages.  The Pre-Bridal Bliss includes an Aveda massage, a specialized facial, and trial makeup and hairstyling.  The Big Day for the Groom offers an aqua polish (exfoliation with sea salt), an Aveda sports massage, a manicure and a pedicure, and a haircut and styling…

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